Our Story

Since our start in 2015, we've been focused on curating a monthly care package that helps women feel better about themselves and better overall when that dreaded time of the month arrives. The PMS Package is more than a little pink box; it is a care package that provides comfort, care and a little cheer conveniently delivered based on the customer's customized delivery date! Since inception, we have helped thousands of women feel better and lifted their spirits while dealing with PMS symptoms

The fact is, PMS symptoms are real and while every woman has different symptoms, we know that women feel pain, discomfort, fatigue, and sometimes bad moods associated with the PMS cycle. Our goal is to create a package that addresses her every need - we also add some surprise and delight items to cheer her up just because she deserves it.
Thousands of women have enjoyed the benefits of The PMS Package, some have pampered themselves, while others have bought it for a loved one. Mothers, boyfriends, sisters, and friends have found The PMS package a great way to say "I care".

So.. subscribe today to join the growing number of women who want to be Prepared. Pampered. Pretty......Period!  -The PMS Package